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الشهادة الدولية في إدارة الثروات والاستثمار

يزداد الطلب على الخدمات المصرفية الخاصة في ظل الازدهار المتنامي، حيث يبرز الاضطراب في الأسواق المالية الحاجة إلى حلول قوية ورصينة لمساعدة العملاء على الصمود مقابل تقلبات السوق والحفاظ على ثرواتهم.

تشمل هذه الشهادة الأسس الحديثة للتخطيط المالي وإدارة الأصول الخاصة للعميل، وإدارة صناديق المال والوظائف الإستشارية وتحليل الاستثمار من منظور عالمي.

ستتاح للمتقدمين معرفة ما يتعلق بفئات الأصول والمنتجات الاستثمارية المتاحة في السوق، بالإضافة لاكتساب المعرفة اللازمة لتقديم المشورة المالية وإيجاد الحلول المناسبة لتلبية متطلبات العملاء من حيث وضع الخطط المناسبة للإستثمار والتقاعد وحماية الأصول.

توفر هذه الشهادة مقدمة شاملة في التخطيط المالي والقوانين الناظمة لهذا المجال، وتحليل الاستثمارات والاحتياطات المالية طويلة الأجل.

بإمكانك بناء على هذا المؤهل التقدم إلى مستوى أعلى في برامج التأهيل المتعلقة بمنهجية إدارة الثروات أو الأنشطة التجارية.

لا يشترط للتسجيل في هذا البرنامج أي متطلبات خاصة.

مقدمة في الأوراق المالية والاستثمار

تهدف هذه الشهادة إلى تلبية حاجات الملتحقين حديثاً بمجال الاستثمار. وتركز على الاسواق العالمية وتوفر نظرة عامة على جميع مجالات الاستثمار على المستوى العالمي.

ويمنح هذا المؤهل العلمي أساساً راسخاً واستيعاباً قيماً لمفاهيم ولغة هذا المجال، كما تعده الشركات مقياساً مرجعياً معترف به في مستهل برامج التدريب عند الانضمام للشركات المالية العالمية. 

Corporate Finance Technical Foundations

The Certificate in Corporate Finance develops the essential foundation knowledge required to work in the corporate finance sector. The syllabus explores corporate finance legislation, regulation and techniques and provides you with an understanding of how corporate finance transactions are developed to meet client needs. It is suitable for practitioners working in corporate finance and related areas, such as venture capital, who need to demonstrate a sound understanding of both the regulatory and technical aspects of the subject. There are no entry requirements and the exam is open to all levels.

International Introduction to Securities & Investments (IISI)

This qualification provides a comprehensive introduction to the financial services industry with a specific focus on investments from a global perspective. It is the first step in the CISI’s qualification pathway, and it is taken by many practitioners as it is the foundation exam for higher level CISI qualifications.

The qualification covers key financial principles and products including assets and markets, equities, bonds, derivatives, investment funds, retirement planning, loans, mortgages, life assurance and protection insurance.

International Certificate in Wealth & Investment Management (ICWIM)

Growing prosperity is increasing the demand for private banking services, whilst the turmoil in the financial markets demonstrates the need for robust and focused solutions to help clients withstand market volatility and preserve their wealth.

ICWIM covers the essentials of financial planning, private client asset management, fund management, advisory functions and investment analysis from a global perspective.

You will learn about the range of assets and investment products available in the market and you will gain the knowledge to provide financial advice and find appropriate solutions to meet the investment, retirement and protection planning needs for your clients.

ICWIM is suitable for individuals engaged in private client asset management and fund accounting.

Risk in Financial Services

The Risk in Financial Services qualification is a comprehensive global introduction to the major risk areas in financial services. It provides a sound grounding in the principles of the risk management framework and corporate governance and risk oversight. It covers specific techniques used in identifying, reducing and managing operational risk, credit risk, market risk, investment risk and liquidity risk.


This qualification is suitable for practitioners dealing in securities and/or derivatives. This entry-level programme for the Capital Markets / Wholesale Sector is increasingly used as a benchmarking tool by major banks and investment firms to ensure that staff possesses practical knowledge that can be immediately applied to business activities. No previous qualifications are required.

Operational Risk

The qualification offers an introduction to the nature of operational risk, its causes, consequences and impact and the arising of operational risk in the trade cycle and other major risks. 

Islamic Finance Qualification

The IFQ is a global qualification which covers Islamic finance from both a technical and a Sharia perspective. Developed by industry experts, the qualification will equip you for success in this rapidly developing field. It provides an understanding of the influence of Sharia’a in a business context and prepares candidates to hold key positions in the Islamic finance and Takaful (Islamic insurance) industries.

The qualification is available worldwide and both the exam and learning manual are produced in English and Arabic.

Combating Financial Crime

This exam has been significantly revised and updated.  It seeks to ensure that candidates have a basic knowledge of the regulations and practices relating to combating financial crime.

Global Financial Compliance

The Global Financial Compliance qualification addresses techniques used to implement a successful compliance function in a firm. It provides a comprehensive introduction to all the issues a global Compliance Officer may encounter. It addresses international issues including the international regulatory environment, managing the risk of financial crime, governance, risk management, ethics, integrity and fairness.

UAE Financial Rules & Regulation

The objective of the examination is to ensure candidates have a basic knowledge of the regulations and legislation underpinning the financial markets and the conduct of investment business in the United Arab Emirates.